Relax in the Library-10/23/18

Relax in the Library-10/23/18
Posted on 10/24/2018
Relax in the Library-10/23/18Relax in the Library

This year students have noticed a new space in the high school library. Two tables have been set aside for "community activities." One table holds a jigsaw puzzle, and the other table holds a giant coloring page. Both tables are meant to be places where students can work together to accomplish a task, while also relaxing. Puzzles and coloring pages have similar benefits: increasing visual spatial awareness, reasoning, and problem solving skills while allowing students to mindfully focus on one thing at a time. Mrs. McGhay's hope when setting up the new area was that it would provide students and staff a good place for conversation and connection. "I was a little worried that students would think the puzzle was too 'old school' and that the puzzle would be a flop. However, students and staff have completed two puzzles already this year, while they are still working on the first coloring page!"

Mrs. McGhay is hoping to borrow or purchase a holiday puzzle for students to complete between now and winter break. If you have a puzzle (at least 1000 pieces) that you would be willing to loan or sell cheaply, she will be in the high school library during parent teacher conferences.

Relax in the LibraryRelax in the LibraryRelax in the Library