Heili Gets 9th in Chemistry Test

Heili Gets 9th in Chemistry Test
Posted on 04/10/2019
High School bannerOn Tuesday, April 9th, a group of West Platte chemistry students traveled to Missouri Western State University to participate in the Chemathon. The Chemathon is an annual event sponsored by the Missouri Western State University Chemistry Department.

This year there were 500 students from 22 schools in attendance. Chemistry I is split into small, medium, and large sized schools. Usually West Platte is grouped as a small school, but this year West Platte was classified as a medium sized school. All school sizes are in one group for Chemistry II and dual credit Chemistry III.

There were 9 Chemistry I students, 8 Chemistry II students, and 2 Chemistry III students who chose to participate this year. The students took a chemistry test and participated in two group activities. Students were also able to look around and get familiar with Missouri Western State University’s campus and facilities. It was an educational and enjoyable day for everyone involved.

Congratulations to Luke Heili for getting 9th place on the Chemistry I written test for medium sized schools. Luke got 9th place out of 100 students from seven different schools. Luke won a certificate and a periodic table pen. Way to go Luke.
Luke Heili