Academic Bowl

The West Platte Academic Bowl is an academic knowledge competition between Missouri high school scholastic bowl teams. Our Academic Team represents West Platte in competitions answering questions on subjects ranging from Missouri history to mathematics, science, literature and the performing arts. The questions are developed using the Missouri High School curriculum.

Two teams compete against each other by verbally answering questions within a specific time limit. Questions are on subjects typically taught in Missouri high schools. Subject material for the questions are approximately 20% mathematics, 20% science, 20% social studies, 20% language arts and literature, 10% fine arts, and 10% miscellaneous. A competition match consists of 16 toss up questions and 16 three-part teamwork questions.


  1. Players: A team shall consist of no more than ten (10) players. A team must have a minimum of four (4) players present and four (4) team players must play at all times. A coach must designate one of the four participating players as captain.
  2. Format: A game shall consist of four quarters. The first and third quarters will each consist of fifteen (15) toss-up questions. The second and fourth quarters will consist of ten (10) toss-up questions and accompanying bonus questions. There will be a half-time intermission of no more than five minutes between the second and third quarters.
  3. Paper Provided: Prior to each game, paper will be provided by the moderator for each player. The paper must remain blank until the moderator signals the start of the game. Substitutes shall be provided with a blank piece of paper. Players may only use the paper provided by the moderator and a writing utensil, which each player provides. If a player uses materials other than the paper provided by the officials and a writing utensil, that player's team shall forfeit that game.
  4. Prepared Materials: The use of prepared materials, calculators, cell phones and/or any other electronic devices is not allowed. If a player is found using such an aid during a game, the player will be ejected from that game.
  5. Competition Room Closed: During the contest, individuals (participants or spectators) should not enter or leave the room other than during half-time or a time-out. An official may enter or leave the room as necessary to the match (protest situation, etc.).